Monday, October 27, 2008

Locomotor Lab Part B

There was a wide variability of the movement patterns that I observed, but what it really comes down to is whether or not the students were able to perform the locomotor movement. The students that I observed are all able to perform the movements, but some are better able to perform the movement better than others. There were two students that I assessed, but once again one was a girl and one was a boy, both of which were in kindergarden and at the age of five. With these two children I saw that both of their skill abilities were about even. They are both at the mature level for the leap. With the horizontal jump they are both at the initial level. The last movement that I assessed them on was the slide. With this they were both also at the initial level.

There were many teaching strategies that I used while I was working with the children. I was enthusiastic, human, courteous, properly dressed, and I got down to their level whenever I was working one on one with a student. I think that by doing all of these I made it so that the children were more comfortable with me and were better able to relate to me. In my opinion the strategies that was more effective than others was getting down to their level and being enthusiastic. By doing these the kids were more passionate about what we were trying to have them do and they also felt more comfortable talking with me.

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