Sunday, January 25, 2009

PED 255- The first attempt

During my PED 255 class here at Cortland everyone in the class had to come up with a lesson to teach off the top of our heads. We were given a few minutes to decide what type ball we wanted to use, a volleyball, basketball, football or soccer ball. For my lesson I taught the rest of the class how to catch a soccer ball like a goalie. With only the short amount of time that there was to teach the lesson I think that I was able to give the rest of my classmates a very good beginner lesson on the proper hand positioning of how to catch the ball, and also what to do with it after they had caught it. Everyone else that was in my group also did a good job of explaining how to do certain skills. After watching the video I think that all of us will have a better sense of what we do while we are teaching and try to break any bad habits that we may have formed!

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Stephen Yang said...

You did do well given no time to prepare and you will improve greatly by the end of the semester. Looking forward to a great semester.