Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Honor and Shuttle Ball Day 2

In this past weeks lab I switched positions with my partner and now, instead of teaching Shuttle ball, I taught the instant activity, Honor, and a lead up to Shuttle ball. In this weeks lab I was not able to be video recorded, so I am not able to assess how effectively I used my time, nor am I able to assess what I said. In spite of these things I think that I did very well with the second part of the lesson.
The instant activity went well and it seemed as though everyone knew what I was talking about when I explained the activity. I also changed the activity so that everyone in the class was participating in physical activity instead of just the students' that had "won." I had the students' that won had to do five push ups while the student's that were not quite so fortunate had to do ten sit ups. After they had finished the task they then had to get up and find a new partner.
Since I was only introducing the main activity, Shuttle Ball, I did not go into great depth. I had a person first demonstrate the different cues; the kick, the bounce, and the knock. After the person was done I had them separate into groups of two and practice the skills with one of the three different types of balls that they were given.
After all of this I concluded the class with a short ending. Considering all of this I think that I did very well with the lesson. This is partially due to the fact that we have worked on all of this in previous classes, and hopefully with the next lesson that I teach I will do even better!


Freddy said...

Nice work Amanda 10/10

Stephen Yang said...

time coding form?