Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shuttle Ball

Shuttle Ball is a revised name that me and my partner gave the game Shuttlecock. Shuttlecock is a game that is played in China that is essentially the same as Hacky Sack that is played here in the United States. In this game there are main moves that are used; the bounce, the kick, and the knock. The bounce is when the ball is bounced off the knee, the kick is when the ball comes off the top of the foot, and the knock is when the ball comes off the inside or the outside of the foot. Other actions that can be used are from the head, the chest, the shoulder, or the abdomen. The upper extremities are essentially the only part of the body that is not allowed to be used.
I think that while I taught this lesson I did reasonably well. One thing that I would change would be to stop saying "umm," and "ahh" as frequently as I do. It have repetitively done this throughout all of the lessons that I have taught, and it seems to be a pretty difficult habit to break since I don't even know that I am saying it.

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