Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kinetic City

Kinetic City is a website that has many games and activities that children can participate in. There are many different aspects to the game that I found while I was playing around on the site. If you are on the main page and click on "Enter The Lab Car" you will find that there are three sections. They are Mind Games Creative Writing and Art, and Hands on Games and Activities. If you click on the section that says "Enter Kinetic City Mission to Vearth" you will encounter four different sections of games. These games include Omega, Phi, Sigma, and Tau. In the last section you can enter is the Science Gym. In this portion of the site there are eight different sections of activity that you can use to find different activities to participate in with the class. In this section they have already built lesson plans, or activity plans, that can be participated in with the class. The one activity that I found particularly interesting was the Respiration Relay. In this they included all of the material that was needed, as well as what information the students were supposed to get from it. If you would like to see some screenshots that I took form the website just click on the link below to see them.

I think that this website is good in some ways. I think that it is good because it works with the childrens' reaction times, as well as their knowledge on certain subjects. Although I think that they could improve it more to have the children moving more instead of playing some of the stationary games, they also have many activities that the children can do in motion. One of these games includes the Smart Foot. With this the students are able to work out while they are also playing games.

255 Final Kinetic City

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