Thursday, May 14, 2009

What did I do?

For my volunteer hours I do not have a great amount of documentation. I worked at the APEM table during the apparel sale for 3 hours and I also refereed at the APEM Hoops for Hearts tournament for 3 hours. Besides those six hours I also volunteered with my profressor at college and went to a school near SUNY Cortland to help inform young girls about how technology can be used in school (2 hours). It also showed the girls different forms of technology that can be used in Physical Education. I also helped volunteered to help other students at SUNY Cortland organize their schedule for the next year for 2 hours. Although I had many other hours of community service and have helped in other ways I find that these hours are the most important. This has been an extremely busy semester for me, but I hope that I am able to volunteer more this summer in my home town.

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Stephen Yang said...

Please embed the Hartnett Elementary visit and any other points of evidence.