Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do I use my teaching time efficiently?

There is supposed to be more than 50% of class time in Physical Education devoted to the children moving. Because of this it is vital that a teacher is able to give instruction clearly and in a short amount of time, while still giving all of the necessary information. This is a very difficult thing to do since sometimes student's don't listen, and some tasks may have complicated rules that include a lot of detail. A way to decrease the amount of time that student's are standing around is to break up each class into different sections of teaching a task or a game. For example, if soccer is being taught you can break up the sections of the game, or skills, that need to be learned by the student's. One class could be devoted to kicking, the next to trapping, and etc.
In the lesson that I taught for one of my recent classes here at SUNY Cortland was how to catch a soccer ball as a goalie would. When I used the time coding form that we were given in class I saw that I could have managed my time a better. Over the 2 and a half minutes that I taught the lesson I the vast majority of the student's time was spent equally in activity and instruction, which were both equal to 40%. The next time I am teaching a lesson I am going to try to cut back on the amount of time that I spend instructing and instead try to use it as activity time.

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