Sunday, February 8, 2009

Feedback! Is it important?

In my opinion feedback is very important. I remember being in high school, middle school and elementary school, and during that time I remember how I did better in certain classes because of the feedback that I received from my teacher. When I say feedback, I am talking about the positive feedback that the teachers gave me.
An example of positive feedback is to say compliment someone on how well they are doing something. Neutral feedback and negative feedback are also forms of feedback, but using positive feedback is the best one to use because it encourages more than the others. Neutral feedback, which is usually given by saying that they are doing well but can improve it in some way, is also used to show a student how to do something right that they may be doing incorrectly. Negative feedback is given by telling a student that they are doing something wrong in a very rude manner, and most likely not fixing the problem in the end.
I think that by giving positive feedback you are allowing the student to realize how much you care about how hard they are working on what you are teaching them. By giving them feedback it is also showing them that what they are doing is right and it keeps them trying hard because they want to continue to receive praise!

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